I'm a songwriter from San Francisco. I write and play and record everything by myself (for now) in my home. I write a very-lot-many-too-much amount of music, and it makes me feel like I might be crazy, but I've heard that if you question whether or not you're crazy, it means you're sane. Best thing I ever heard. My music has been called haunting, and I like that one because it makes me feel like I'm a ghost and I can haunt you... and I think that's kind of cool. I go off and on smoking cigarettes and it's one of the things I think about most because I always wonder if today, this cigarette here in my hand, is the one that will fuck up my voice forever. I deal by rationalizing that I never really had a solid, angelic voice anyway, so what's the worry about. But that's a terrible mindset and I'm working on that. 


Here's a joke for you: An existentialist walks into a bar and says: or did I? 

I made that up! Told it on the radio once and then learned some sage advice that I will share with you: 

"He who offers humor to ease the human soul, but achieves so by emitting the human voice through airwaves extending from a recording facility to the outside world in such a manner that the outside world is not so much with the voice so much as it is on the other side of the receiving end of the airwaves in, say, a car or the privacy of a home, will not be able to receive the laughter he seeks, and will be very uncomfortable to realize that he has just relayed said humor into a microphone and, obviously, is receiving silence in return". 



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